Search City Recommended provides quality sites the ability to be listed within the Top 4 of your category within the Search City directory. This means that when a Search City page is found via a search engine like Google, Altavista or Yahoo those sites which are Search City Recommended will appear at the top of that page. This brings quality, relevant information to the finger tips of our visitors.

Each Site is Reviewed

Each Search City Recommended site is reviewed by the Search City directory editors and only given the recommended seal after it has met several criteria:

Special Terms and Conditions

Since examining sites for a Search City Recommended is a labor intensive and time consuming process and results in a choice position within the directory there is a fee associated with the recommendation. Currently there is no fee associated with consideration for a recommendation, only with actual acceptance. The fee schedule for recommended sites is as follows:

You can review all directory related prices here.


Periodically, as Search City sees fit they may choose not to provide Search City Recommended listings in a certain category.

All sites considered for recommendation must already have achieved listing in the Search City directory.

Search City reserves the right to remove the Search City Recommended designation and perhaps listing in the directory if the site violates any of the review qualifications.

Search City may periodically for valued sites provide a Search City Recommended designation without charge. This is totally at the discretion of the editors and management of the Search City directory.

Search City retains the right to collapse or expand its category structure and therefore move Search City Recommended sites within the directory. If a site moves from a Top Level Category to a Sub-Level category, that portion of the listing fee will be refunded in full.

How to be Considered for Search City Recommendation

We accept applications for a Search City Recommended designation on our contact page. Please check the box on the form indicating you wish to be considered for recommendation and note the site URL and any other information in the comments box.