Search City Outreach links are special sites dedicated to serving others. Sites allow you to donate to others with no cost to yourself, it simply takes a click of the mouse to help feed others or support a worthy cause. If you want to suggest a site for this page simply use our contact form and suggest the link. Please state that it should be an outreach link and we will add it to our site if it meets our criteria for inclusion.


Note: Many of these sites fund the donations by showing you banner ads and my market their own products and/or services on the site. We support the efforts to donate to the causes, but do not necessarily condone the marketing of products by the sites themselves nor those offered by the corporate sponsor.

The Hunger Site -
One click per day provides the UN World Food Program three cups of staple food (corn, maze, rice, etc) at no cost to you. The cost is borne by corporate sponsers.
The Breast Cancer Site -
One click per day provides free mammograms for women.
Child Health Site -
One click per day helps fund child health care.
Rainforest Site -
One click per day helps fund the purchase of rainforest for preservation.
Animal Rescue Site -
Once click per day helps fund the feeding of animals at shelters.
Fund Cancer Research -
Funds cancer research.
End Homelessness -
Funds 1/2 cent to end homelessness.
Save the Environment -
A number of save the environment links.
Free Donation -
A number of free donation links.