How do I submit my site?
Perhaps the #1 question we editors get. You can submit your site by clicking going to the "Manage Links" menu option that appears on the left side of the screen. You can also click here.
I received an error when submitting my site, can you help?
From time to time, the directory gets lots of press and lots of visitors. It is at these times that our submission utility can become overwhelmed. The best option is to try to submit your site at a later time.
What if I can't find a category for my site?
You can do one of two things, submit it in what you consider to be the best category or you can contact us to request that we add it. Generally we try to have more that one or two links that would fit into a seperate category before it is created.
Why has my site changed categories?
We are constantly reviewing the content of the directory. As content changes and we further refine the categories we may move sites from one category to another. We may also move a site if we find that it's content did not fit into the category in which it was submitted. Our goal is to provide the best content possible to insure that our searchers and visitors find what they are looking for.
Site Inclusion
What sorts of sites are listed in the directory?
We accept lots of sites to the Search City directory. There are a few types of websites that we do not accept - these can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

My site was rejected - why?
We reject sites for just a two reasons:
1) they don't meet our terms and conditions
2) they don't meet our criteria for inclusion

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