What's the charge for listing a site in the Search City directory?

Prior to May of 2006 all listings in the directory were free. However, due to the rising costs of hosting and supporting the directory we now charge a yearly fee of $25.00 for managing links included in the directory after the first year of listing. All sites entered into the directory prior to this time are grandfathered in permenantly . Sites should be listed in the category where they fit best. If a site wishes to be listed in more than one category they must also pay for subsequent listings. Webmasters may also choose to use our multi-link listing if they wish to manage multiple links, for which there is a $50.00 yearly fee. Search City Link Prices


What sorts of sites can be listed in the directory?

We accept many different types of sites in the Search City directory. In general, if you are a tasteful, relevant site offering a valid product or service we welcome you to the directory!


What sorts of sites are not accepted for listing?

The following types of sites can be pretty much assured that they will not get a listing.

  • Pornography
  • MLM (Multi-level Marketing)
  • Sites Promoting Hate
  • Sites Promoting Illegal Activity
  • Mirrored Content Sites
  • Automated Submissions

Further details can be found on our Criteria for Inclusion page.
To completely cover our butts: Search City reserves the right to reject any listing for any reason we see fit.

Does Search City accept advertising?

At this point in time we do not accept advertising of any sort other than Google Adwords displayed in the category pages of the site. If your really interested in extra exposure though, see our Listing Prices page.


Do I have to be a member to suggest a site?

No, we will accept suggestions via e-mail for listings in our directory if you do not know or have access to all of the information needed to list a site. Please keep in mind that we receive a lot of submissions and we don't typically add sites that are received in e-mail messages, so the best way to submit a site is via the Manage Links page. If you just have to suggest a site via e-mail, you can submit suggestions on our contact page please keep in mind that you should make the appeal interesting so that it catches the eyes of our editors!

How does Search City support itself?

Search City supports itself in several ways.

First, we offer links to other reputable sites via Google Adwords in the main directory, if you visit the Value City Shops the revenue from that part of the site supports the directory. We also display Google Adwords ads in each of the directory categories on the site which helps cover the cost of running the directory.

Second, we do offer multiple submissions should a site fit in multiple directories, there is a charge for multiple listings. Prices are here.

Finally, we offer webmasters and site owners to feature their site as a recommended site. For a small fee, sites are placed in the Top 4 listings in a category. Details here.

Guarantees and Warranty

No guarantees or warranties are implied, given or granted as part of any free or paid service on this site.


Search City, its owners and parent company assume no responsibility for damages caused by this site or the sites which are contained within. No validation of the claims, offers, products or services of those sites listed in the directory is claimed or offered.

Other Terms?

We reserve the right to update, change or otherwise modify your listing to fit the needs of our directory. All text and title submissions made to the directory grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, publish, copy, edit, modify, or create derivative works from my submission.

Other questions?

If you have questions that are not covered here, please submit them on the form that we provide on our contact page. We will provide you with an answer via e-mail in addition to posting an updated frequently asked questions page.

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