Virtual Shopping consists of retailers and resellers who sell exclusively through an online or Internet presence. Find a variety of goods, products and services from home decor to food items. Online retailers in Virtual Shopping do not have physical stores or presence other than a business address.

Virtual and Online Shopping Categories :
Automotive (5)
Automotive related products, services available online including automotive sales, parts and accessories.

Books and Art (0)
Virtual bookstores, books, magazines, comic books, paintings and art shopping sites.

Clothing (2)
Clothing, apparel and related products, services available via online retailers.

Computers and Software (0)
Purchase computers, computer parts and software online.

Domestics (0)
Domestic items, sheets, linens and other household domestic supplies.

Electronics (1)
Online and Internet only electronics sales and retailers.

Entertainment (0)
DVDs, CD's, MP3s, music, movies, films and subscription entertianment.

Food (2)
Food and pantry supplies available from online retailers.

Gifts and Crafts (1)
Gifts, flowers and crafts available via Internet and online retailers.

Home Furnishings (1)
Home furnishings and furniture from exclusively online retailers and internet outlet stores.

Jewelry (1)
Jewelry, fashion accessories and related products, services available via online retailers.

Kid Stuff (0)
Childrens clothing, playthings and learning items.

Machinery and Tools (4)
Machines, machinery and tools available from online retailers, resellers and internet vendors.

Music (0)
Shop for music and musical supplies online musical instruments, sheet music, music lessons.

Office Products (0)
Office products, supplies and consumables used in the operation of a business or home office.

Online Malls (1)
Online shopping malls offering a variety of goods, services and products online.

Pets (0)
Virtual pet stores, pet supplies and pet related services.

Self Defense (1)
Self defense related products, services and training available online.

Services Tools and Advice (0)
Services, tools and advice for Internet, virtual and online shop owners.

Sports and Hobbies (1)
Online shopping for sports, sporting goods, hobby and hobbiest sites.

Telecommunications (0)
Telephones, cell phones, ring tones, cellular plans, long distance, phone cards.

Tobacco Shops (0)
Tobacco and smoking related shopping.

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